Kettle Korn Humour

At almost every event we get asked a silly question. Here is just a few of them!!!!!!!!

So often people watch us popping our Kettle Korn and see us pouring our Kettle Korn into our sifting table to remove the un-popped kernels and they actually ask us "IS IT FRESH?"

After popping a batch of Kettle Korn, a lady asked if she could get a sample. While it was still a little warm, we gladly filled up a small tasting cup for her to sample. She turned to us and said. "This just tastes like popcorn". 

We almost said,
were you expecting it to taste like pizza or something!!

THIS JUST IN.............. Why don't you make your Kettle Korn in the microwave oven like I do
at home?

We almost said
, yeah but how many chemicals are in the microwave oven package!!

Here's our silly question of the month..... Can you make your popcorn taste like my hot air popped popcorn?

We almost said
, then we couldn't call it Kettle Korn, and it wouldn't taste as good!!

How much do pirates charge for corn on the cob?


why didn't the kernel leave the pop?

Check back often as we will now start to list all the funny ones here.
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